Program: The program committee want to show you the Setesdal, and our distinctive cultural history with  focus on sheep farming, excursions to local farms, lectures and mini workshops focusing on sheep breeding, processing/food culture, crafts and our cultural heritage. In addition there will be national and international speakers who will put the native sheep, the wool and the pasture and the cultural landscape into a bigger context.

The Conference location: The conference base is Revsnes Hotel in Byglandsfjord.The lectures, mini- workshops and pop up shops will all take place here. In addition there will be farm excursions, museum/exhibitions visits according to the program.

Registrations: We will have all inclusive packages, i.e. workshops, lectures, excursions and meals(breakfast, lunch, dinner) is all incuded.
Day packages with workshops, lectures and lunch will also be available.
You can also book selected lectures/workshops if places available.

Note: Partisipants with all inclusive packages will have priority on accommodation at Revsnes Hotel

When your registration is confirmed, you will be given a conference code which gives you priority when booking accommodation at Revsnes Hotel.

Other accommodation alternatives nearby is: Landeskogen Fredssenter, Neset Camping, Troll Aktiv and Dølen Hotel.

Revsnes Hotel and other accommodation places, check:

Transport: Arriving by car, insert Refsnes hotell into your nav. computer, and select shortest distance.

Coming by air, your destination is Kristiansand Airport, Kjevik ( probably via Stavanger or Oslo Airport, Gardermoen) Airport shuttle to downtown Kristiansand, and you can go by bus to Byglandsfjord(Refsnes Hotel is here) or to Evje(taxi or private transport from Evje to Byglandsfjord) Bus to Byglandsfjord in the morning and in the afternoon. More bus departures to Evje. People arriving Kristiansand by train, just look above for further transportation info.

Tourist info/ tour planner check:

Bus time table you will find here: